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Bookkeeper Deadra Strawn in Fort Wayne IN

Deadra Strawn

QBO Pro Advisor Bookkeeper at Strawn Business Solutions LLC

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Strawn Business Solutions LLC
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Strawn Business Solutions LLC Company Logo by Deadra Strawn in Fort Wayne IN
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About Deadra Strawn

Hi! My name is Deadra and I am the owner of Strawn Business Solutions LLC. I have more than twenty years of experience in the accounting industry. My true passion lies in assisting small business owners in achieving peace of mind by relieving them of the bookkeeping burden, allowing them to concentrate on business growth. My primary goal is to assist clients in discovering transparent and precise methods for tracking profitability. Additionally, I provide ongoing support to ensure their financials are up to date, enabling them to make well-informed decisions based on accurate cash flow projections.

At Strawn Business Solutions LLC, I am dedicated to accurately recording and managing financial transactions, my mission as a bookkeeper is to provide meticulous and reliable services, ensuring the integrity and transparency of financial information for my clients.